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This is a moderated list. If you wish to post to this list, e-mail to: asa50th@menwith.com. Your message will usually show up within 24 hours.

Dick Sloan <rps@bellsouth.net> Does anyone have the list that was previously posted about B&B, etc. accommodations in Harrogate?  If so Enid and I could use the information as we might wish to stay in Harrogate a night or two.  At present we have accommodations in Keithley with my late wife’s cousin, but that is a  bit of a trip if we have any late night events.

Shirley Makin <shirleymakin@freenetname.co.uk> Greetings Tony. The plans for the Reunion seem to be coming along splendidly.  Margaret Kent and I would very much like to attend the event at Menwith on Friday 10th September, if this is permissible.  We are both British.
     As an addition to Pam's excellent travel tips, if anyone is interested in travelling farther afield the local tour coach company is Eddie Brown;  www.eddiebrowntours.com email: enquiries@eddiebrowntours.com. A selection from their itineraries include Antiques & Lincoln; Beamish Steam Fair;  Canal Cruise;  Scarborough:  Cheltenham;  Royal Yacht Edinburgh:  Kendal; Southport, etc. etc.
     If there is anything I can do to help with arrangements please let me know. Looking forward to catching up with old friends. 

Cheerio  Shirley

BJ Lewis <lewisbj64@gmail.com>
Cellularabroad.com has info on UK cell phone rental which seems to be more reasonable and reliable than using US phone. The flat which we have rented does not have a phone, so if anyone has other info I would appreciate it. If your accommodation has a phone then a phone card from the Post Office is a good deal and simple to use.

BJ Lewis

Paula Stafford Phillips <paulastaff@cox.net> We will be arriving in Manchester on Delta Flight 64 from Atlanta at 8:35 a.m. on 10 Sep., going to Harrogate.  Would like to meet others either taking the train or taxi to share the ride with.  Email is: paulastaff@cox.net or phone # 520-803-9972.  We're staying at the Hollins House B&B in Harrogate.  Would love to know if there are others
doing same.  

Paula Stafford Phillips

Terry Henry

Due to health issues, we will be unable to attend.  In addition, we will be in the midst of celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary about the same time as the big events. However, I wonder if you are collecting any old photos of the Station that you could place in a collage,

scrapbook, etc. for all to see during the celebration for those who attend and those who cannot attend. Here's one.

Terry Henry, 1961-1964

Walter Bacio <walterbac@aol.com> Hey, Tony! Got your email addy from Homer.  He says you're the man I should be talking to about being included in the Reunion festivities.  Please add me and my wife (Walter and Pauline BACIO) to the list for visiting the Hill.
     I've been living and working in Harrogate since 1997 and just retired from the Harrogate Borough Council on July 10th.  I was stationed at the Hill from 1965 to 1966 before marrying Pauline Balmforth, a Harrogate girl, then went home to Hawaii after ETS in 1967. 
     I was MOS 059 or 05K20 before ETS. I'm familiar with a couple of guys who are on the List to attend:  Frank Puesey, Ted Nagata, and Lloyd Hesterly.  Would be nice to see them again! Let me know if I can be of any assistance while I'm still here in Harrogate as we plan to move back to the States by the end of the year. Thanks for listening

Aloha from Harrogate, Wally Bacio

Bart Selwood <bahtat@comcast.net> We have booked a taxi from Manchester Airport to Harrogate for Sept. 9.  It will carry up to 8 people. We, Bart and Pam Selwood, Gordon and Carol Speer
make up four so if anyone arriving from Philly or Atlanta at 8:35/8:45 AM on the 9th would like to share with us let us know ASAP. Email is  bahtat@comcast.net. Fare is £85 plus tip divided by the number of people.

Mary Petrie <mlpetrie@live.com> -- It is with a heavy heart that I write this. I thought we were all set to attend the anniversary and yesterday, Vernon (Tritchka) said he wouldn't be going. That left me alone.
     If, and I know it's a big 'if,' you know of anyone travelling alone I'd be happy to share. I had two single en suite rooms booked at a B&B in Ripon -- out in the country. Each was £35 per night. Also, I had planned on going from LAX to Manchester. I would also get a car. But, I won't do it alone.
     I'll keep asking, but as of now, I don't think I can make it, either, which I truly regret.

Mary Lou Petrie
626 825-3202

Bill Billingsley <Bill.Billingsley@cobham.com> Starting to think about preparing to get ready to maybe consider perhaps the logistics of going to the UK for the 50th Anniversary do. It has been a couple of years since I was in the UK and then I had all kinds of RAF, USAF, DoD support so didn’t worry much about connectivity and such.
     It occurs to me, some people might want some up-to-date info on details of cell phone usage, Internet connectivity, etc. while there.
     I’m taking a netbook and Blackberry but haven’t done any planning for either. So, if somebody has recent experience/advice it might be useful to disseminate it.
     If I get any useful info, I’ll be glad to share it, but chances are I will simply throw some stuff in a bag the night before departure and wing it.........as usual.

Cheers, Bill


13th United States Army Security Agency Field Station Association